Saturday, July 21 - Tuesday, July 24, 2018

$450 Residential / $350 Commuter

Elite Residential CAMP FEATURES

During the morning sessions, we will teach and correctly demonstrate the skills needed to improve the player’s individual technique. Individual creativity is encouraged among our campers in order to develop confidence and a more positive attitude toward the game of soccer. The afternoon session concentrates on tactical development using small-sided games that will allow the players to learn in a game environment. The evenings will consist of tournaments with full-sided games. During these games, the players are able to demonstrate the technique and tactics learned during the day. Special attention is given to teams to cultivate ideas for their overall development and improvement. The Elite Camp strives to teach the campers the skills that they need to improve, as well as, teach and demonstrate how to use those skills in the game. A high level of competition, plus outstanding instruction, offers an unparalleled learning opportunity. This camp is ideal for individuals and teams looking for the edge in the upcoming season!  (Ages 11 – 19)