Q. Are the dorms secure and monitored?

A. Yes. The dorms are only accessible by key and only campers and staff have access. All dorms are staffed by Housing and Residence Life and are monitored by campus police.

Q. What is the dorm room set up?

A Each dorm room is set up for 2 people (2 twin beds, 2 dressers, & 2 desks). Each room is connected to another room by a bathroom.

Q. Are there laundry facilities?

A. Yes. Campers will have access to laundry facilities during camp. Laundry is free of charge. Detergent not provided.

Q. Is there WiFi in the dorm rooms?

A. Yes. All dorm rooms are equipped with Wifi access. Additional instructions will be provided at camp check-in.

Q. What if my room key is lost?

A. Keys are labeled and assigned to each camper. Campers are responsible for their keys at all times. If lost, campers must pay a $50 replacement fee (card on file will be charged).

Q. Are bed linens provided?

A. No. Bed linens are not provided, campers must bring their own.

Q. Are meals included in the price of camp?

A. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner are included. Commuter Campers: Lunch & Dinner are included.

Q. What if I have food allergies or specific dietary needs?

A. JU Dining Halls provide vegetarian options and also accommodate: nut, gluten, and dairy free diets. If you require additional needs, please let us know in the registration process on your medical form.

Q. Are snacks available between and after field sessions?

A. Yes. A variety of snacks & drinks (Gatorade, granola bars, chips, etc.) are available for purchase from our camp store. Pizza is also available for purchase in the evenings.

Q. What if my son requires special medical attention?

A. A certified trainer is at all field sessions and is also present in the dorms for any overnight medical needs

Q. Is there a cell phone policy?

A. In the event that we find a camper with a cell phone that causes disruption, such as disturbing a roommate’s right to quiet, the phone will be retained with a JU Coach until camp’s end.

Q. Can I drive my car to camp?

A. Overnight campers are allowed to drive themselves to camp, however, a JU Coach will retain the camper’s car keys for the duration of camp. Please inform the staff that you will be driving yourself and upon registration, inform us about your car as you’ll need to know where to park and/or retain a parking pass. (Parking passes are first come first serve and are limited. You are responsible for your car while parked on campus.)

Q. Can I arrive early or stay late?

A. We do not have the dorm rooms or staff to offer early arrivals or late departures. If arriving early or staying late is your only option, you may want to try one of the area hotels.