General INformation

Campers and staff will eat at the on campus school cafeteria, Riverview Cafe.  Numerous healthy options at the all you can eat cafeteria style buffet. 

Day Camp or ID Camps: Campers are expected to organize their own lodging.  Contact our staff for hotel recommendations. 

Team & Elite Residential Camps: Campers will stay on campus at the Oak Dorms during the entire camp. 


  • Water Bottle – To prevent waste from disposable cups, every camper should bring his own water bottle to fill up at the provided water stations. Cups will be provided.-

  • Sunscreen(Even in the Winter)-

  • Cleats & Flat-soled shoes/sneakers-

  • Shin Guards-

  • Watch – it is recommended that each camper bring an inexpensive watch to assist him in keeping on schedule.-

  • Training attire for Four Sessions-

  • Rain jacket-

  • A small bag to carry your ball, shoes, etc. to field-

  • Contact Lenses/Solution

Shuttle from JAX airport available – $40 roundtrip

Refund Policy
Refund will be provided in full, granted that requests are a full week prior to the first day of camp. 
Requests made less than a full week to the start of first day of camp will have a $25 processing fee. 

As a part of the online registration process, each registrant will complete and e-sign a medical waiver form before completing the registration process. 

As a part of the online registration process, each registrant will complete and e-sign our Cancellation Policy before completing the registration process. 

Our camp is held privately from the University.  We will not be held responsible for any illegal parking nor reimburse any violations due to illegal parking. 

JU Soccer Academy  IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MONEY OR OTHER VALUABLES.  We suggest that campers clearly label all belongings and LEAVE EXPENSIVE ITEMS AT HOME.  We are not responsible should such items be lost or stolen. 

Please contact with any further questions